Samsung owns 22% of capacity, producing semiconductor products using 300-mm wafers

Analysts IC Insights has prepared a report for the global semiconductor industry. According to their calculations, the leader in total performance of the factories, designed for plates with a diameter of 300 mm, is Samsung. South Korean manufacturer owns 22% of power available in the world. Note that now the 300-millimeter factories produced the main part of semiconductor products, while before 2008, more products produced, production designed for plates with a diameter of 200 mm, the Biggest production capacity in this segment can boast the company TSMC, which owns 11% of all 200-millimeter capacity. In the segment of 300 mm TSMC is in fourth place with a share of 13%, behind Samsung, Micron and SK Hynix.

For TSMC followed by Toshiba/WD (11%), Intel (7%), Globalfoundries (6%), UMC (3%), Powerchip (2%) and SMIC (2%). In the segment of 200 mm for TSMC followed by TI (7%), STMicroelectronics (6%), UMC (6%), Infineon (5%), NXP (4%), Toshiba (4%), SMIC (4%), Samsung (4%) and HHGrace (3%).

There is still a segment of production, designed for plates with a diameter of 150 mm. it is the leader STMicroelectronics (12%), followed by ON Semi (11%) and Panasonic (7%). Followed by CR Micro (6%), Silan (5%), Renesas (4%), TI (3%), TSMC (3%), Rohm/Lapis (3%) and Toshiba (3%).

Source: IC Insights



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