Samsung may temporarily abandon plans to release its own virtual assistant at the request of Google

As you know, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to debut virtual assistant, created on the basis of Viv Labs, which the Korean giant recently purchased. This is not a rumor as it was told by Samsung representatives.

However, now the Network has information that Samsung might delay the market launch their own virtual assistant. Supposedly Google has asked the leader of the smartphone market to abandon such plans for some time.

The reason is simple — Google Assistant. Voice assistant is a new generation of Google is just beginning its March on the market and its circulation is prevented by the usual slow speed of diffusion of new versions of the OS. And the output of its own AI Samsung and, as a consequence, the refusal of the Assistant can lead to an even longer path for the last, because Samsung controls the lion’s share of the smartphone market with Android as a whole and its upper segment in particular.

Recall, Samsung and Google have pretty close relationship, if we talk about the smartphone market. At the time the company entered into a cross-license agreement, and the dominance of Samsung requires Google to consider this company. So this rumor is quite groundless. However, this does not mean that it will be so with the release of the Galaxy S8.



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