Samsung may start supplying OLED displays for Hyundai

As it became known that the company Samsung Display currently negotiating to supply OLED display for Hyundai, the first being the Genesis sedan.

The discussion started last year, but Hyundai still does not believe in new technology. OLED displays have not yet found wide application in the automotive industry, they are inferior to LCD panels, particularly in terms of brightness under the direct sunlight.

The source adds that Hyundai wants to start to receive some samples for tests, and then decide to sign a contract or not. However, Samsung do not like such a scenario, in which competitors can gain access to its technology.

Samsung supplies LCDs for Hyundai cars in 2013. Also, according to rumors, Samsung will be the supplier of OLED displays for the new sedan Audi A8.

The market for automotive displays, according to the IHS, Markit, will amount to $ 9 billion this year and will increase to $ 20 billion by 2022.



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