Samsung may opt-out from use of fingerprint sensors in smartphones

Samsung first used the fingerprint sensor in Samsung Galaxy S5, which came out about three years ago, and then also add it to several other models. This control is used for unlocking the smartphone, confirm payments, limit access to applications and other tasks.

Now Samsung is credited with the intention to completely abandon the use of fingerprint sensors in smartphones. The source reportedly came from Samsung official, who said that the company will send the control to the dustbin of history, as it is already out of date.

New photo of Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy S8 S8+ will retain the fingerprint scanner at the rear, and will have the opportunity to learn of the user’s iris. In addition, they will support biometric authentication based on face recognition.

It can be assumed that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and subsequent smartphones will lose the fingerprint sensor.



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