Samsung made Darth Vader vacuum cleaner

Samsung has released a special series vacuum robot cleaner, Samsung Powerbot VR7000, which was created under the influence of a famous universe of «Star Wars».

You are unlikely to think that the Supreme General of the Imperial army Darth Vader will be vacuuming in your home. 799 $ and the Dark Lord will be happy to make your home cleaner. If you want you can choose another option cost $ 699, which is made in the image of the Imperial stormtrooper (Stormtrooper).

The suction power of both models is 10 watts, they got the CycloneForce technology, and the ability to remove the dirt close to the walls and edges of steps (to 10 mm). Vacuum cleaners create a map of your home to determine the fastest and most efficient route cleaning.

Vacuum cleaners emit the characteristic sound effects, for example, the robot Darth Vader when enabled, will simulate the famous heavy breathing of the character. The older model is also equipped with a module Wi-Fi and a remote control.

Those interested can place a pre-order on the official website, start of sales is scheduled for November 5 of this year.



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