Samsung launches beta-testing a voice assistant in Bixby USA

Earlier this month we reported that the voice assistant Samsung Bixby still has problems with understanding English. For this reason, AT the while running only in the native producer market.

Then, it was said that the launch in the United States could take place at the end of this month. So whether it be, more to learn, but for now, Samsung launches in the U.S. early access program.

In fact, this is a beta test. Everyone can leave the application on the company website. At the start of the test, they will receive invitations. Of course, this is true only for owners of the new flagship Samsung smartphone.

Starts when beta testing is not precisely known. Against this background, the doubtful looks the ability to run Bixby in the US by the end of this month. In General we can say that Bixby is the main disadvantage of Galaxy S8. And it wasn’t FOR that no one to not make, but that it has allocated a separate physical button, knowing that the beginning of sales of smartphone voice assistant will not be ready.



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