Samsung is working on holographic TVs that do not need 3D glasses

The Bureau on registration of patents and trademarks USA (USPTO) has information that Samsung is working on a new holographic TVs that do not need 3D glasses.

It is expected that the new TVs will make a significant breakthrough in comparison with the first generation 3D displays, which debuted on the market a few years ago. They were pretty cool accepted by the market, in particular, because of the need to use 3D glasses that allow you to build a three-dimensional image based on different projections for left and right eyes. In many cases, the prolonged use of glasses causes user discomfort and fatigue.

Samsung developed technology is devoid of these shortcomings, an audience that doesn’t will need glasses, will observe the three-dimensional image, «floating» in front of the display. With this technology, according to the description of the patent, does not cause eye strain of the user as existing 3D TVs.

The system consists of a laser light source, a spatial light modulator, a Fourier lens, a control unit, the device for tracking the user’s eyes.

The system was patented in the beginning of this year, we hope that it will find its embodiment in real products soon.



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