Samsung is trying to patent a «wearable electronic device», as two drops of water similar to the Apple Watch

This week in the database of the U.S. patent office was a curious patent application. It was filed on 29 January by Samsung. In the application №20160223992 described «wearable electronic device» that looks like a wrist watch. Draw attention to illustrations that accompany the application.

The web is easy to find similar images, which depict the very famous «wearable electronic device», for almost two years are available commercially.

More illustrations of application.

Below is remarkably similar images from the network, which were rotated, scaled and cropped for clarity.

It seems that the «inventors» brought to life the old riddle about how many engineers need Samsung to copy the iPhone. Adjusted for the fact that the role of the sample at this time were a smartphone and a smart watch Apple watch.

Source: USPTO



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