Samsung is Recalling 2.8 million washing machines due to risk of violation of the integrity of the body

At the end of September it became known that in the U.S. Samsung filed another class-action lawsuit connected with the «exploding» washing machine. We are talking about the violation of the integrity of the case of washing machines with vertical load during the spin cycle.

And this week there appeared information about a new revocable campaign, announced by Samsung. It has got 2.8 million washing machines. On the website of the Commission on safety of consumer products (US Consumer Product Safety Commission, CPSC) says that Samsung has received 733 reports of excessive vibration or the spontaneous separation of the upper part of the body. In 9 cases this has led to the injury of their owners, including a broken jaw and a dislocated shoulder.

Under revocable campaign covered 34 models that were sold between March 2011 and November 2016 at a price of 450 to $ 1,500. The full list of models listed on the CPSC website.

The head of the CPSC, Elliot Kaye (Elliot Kaye) said that the problem is very serious and the upper part is fixed in its place securely enough, which could lead to its isolation in the pressing process.

Samsung offers three options: free in-home repair with a warranty extension for a year, a discount when buying a new washing machine (any brand) with free installation, full payment (only for machines purchased within 30 days before the start revocable campaign).

We will remind, washing machine Samsung top loading never delivered or planned for delivery to the Russian market.



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