Samsung is preparing for a global launch Bixby

Samsung began to release updates for apps Bixby in various countries around the world, particularly in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa and India.

The South Korean manufacturer has updated applications such as Bixby, Bixby PLM, Wakeup Bixby, Bixby Bixby Dictation and Global Action.

We can assume that Samsung is preparing for a global launch Bixby, but the personal assistant still unavailable in many countries. We will remind, only in the end of July he started to work in the United States.

Personal assistant Bixby consists of three main parts. Bixby Voice is responsible for the voice control assistant. Bixby Vision allows you to determine what is shown on the photo. Bixby Home — this home screen, which contains shortcuts that open access to main features of the assistant.



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