Samsung is negotiating with AMD and Nvidia on a GPU for its single-chip systems

As you know, this year, Samsung released its first single-chip system which contains cores of its own design the Korean giant. Exynos 8890 came out very good and competitive.

But earlier we heard that Samsung intends to develop and own GPU. We will remind, now in the decisions of the Exynos uses the graphics core Mali. According to the source, at the moment, Samsung is negotiating with AMD and Nvidia on the issue of licensing of appropriate technologies for solving specified tasks.

And if Nvidia has a rich experience of adapting their graphics architectures for mobile systems-on-chip, AMD the last time such was not engaged, although GPU Adreno created by Qualcomm, this is the legacy of the then ATI Technologies.

Anyway, the next Samsung flagship SoC, in theory, could be built on a unique CPU and GPU. In addition, the source reports that the second half of next year, Samsung is ready system-on-chip with support for CDMA networks.

Recall, AMD has recently stated that he can build GPU for single chip systems under the condition of a large contract on licensing.



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