Samsung is leaving the market of digital cameras, but the division will continue to work

The first rumors that Samsung plans to stop producing cameras and generally roll the appropriate course of action, appeared in September 2015. They were refuted.

Now came the information that Samsung Electronics has stopped manufacturing and selling digital cameras, but the unit will simply switch to new products.

«We no longer manufacture or sell digital camera, said Samsung official who wished to remain anonymous. — However, we will continue to work in this business, creating a new camera».

Edition the Investor believes that the new cameras can be solutions for smartphones and other mobile devices, a panoramic camera (like the Samsung Gear 360) and other products.

«Samsung has lost its competitiveness in the segment of digital cameras on the background of the increasing quality of smartphone cameras — continued the informant. — Even if manufacturers like Canon and Nikon, face difficulties, then Samsung does not have other exit how to leave this market.»

I should add that the Korean giant has been manufacturing digital cameras since 1997.



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