Samsung is developing a processor architecture RISC-V for IoT devices

According to the source, Samsung Electronics develops CPU for open RISC-V, which will be used in the composition of microcontrollers for IOT devices.

The first target of Samsung is to develop a ultralight 32-bit kernel on 10000-20000 transistors that could rival the energy efficiency of ARM Cortex-M0. The appearance of commercial samples is expected in 2017.

The company Samsung already has experience in the development of CPU. In a single-chip system Exynos 8890 for mobile devices she used the core of own development on 64-bit ARMv8 architecture. By the way, the success of the architecture of the RISC-V microcontroller for IoT could adversely affect the company’s ARM, earning licensing IP cores on the same architecture.

Supporters of the RISC-V are Google, HP, IBM, MS, Oracle, Nvidia and Qualcomm, last year formed an Alliance RISC-V Foundation.

Source: CDR info



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