Samsung is credited with the intention to buy the company PlayNitride developing the technology of micro-LED

Citing an unnamed representative of the industry, the source claims that Samsung intends to buy a Taiwanese company PlayNitride. Established in 2015 the company PlayNitride developing technology of miniature light-emitting diodes (micro-LED).

According to reports, Samsung plans to use the development PlayNitride in screens for VR headsets. In addition, the screens on the miniature LEDs can be used in TVs.

As stated, the transaction will be approximately $ 150 million.

It is believed that the technology of micro-LED will produce displays that exceed OLED displays in brightness and energy efficiency. In addition, these displays can be cheaper. However, while the path of micro-LED serial products are the technological complexity. According to analysts, the commercial use of micro-LED will start no earlier than 2020.

Source: OLED-Info



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