Samsung introduced the Isocell brand and four sub-brand

Technology Isocell, Samsung introduced in 2013. The company claims that the technology substantially increases light sensitivity and effectively controls the absorption of electrons, resulting in higher color fidelity even in poor lighting conditions. In the case of Isocell between the individual pixels are formed physical boundaries, barriers, isolating the pixels from each other. This allows to reduce crosstalk and increase the saturation threshold.

After four years of using this technology in their image sensors Samsung has decided to create a brand Isocell. The Korean giant believes that the brand will help the consumers easier to recognize a particular camera, and also to be confident in the overall quality of the product.

In addition, Samsung announced immediately and the creation of four sub-brands: Bright, Fast, Slim and Dual.

Bright Isocell sensors provide bright and clear images with high color accuracy and reduced noise in low-light conditions.

Sensors Isocell Fast provide quick auto-focus on stationary and moving objects even with poor lighting.

Sensors Isocell Slim stand the smallest size of a pixel (0,9-1 microns), while providing high quality images. Such sensors are more compact than others.

As for the Dual Isocell sensors, they focused on the creation of dual cameras in a variety of configurations.



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