Samsung introduced chip V-NAND density 1 Tbit

In June of this year Samsung Electronics announced the beginning of serial production of chips 64-layer flash memory V-NAND flash density 256 GB, designed for drives used in servers, PCs, and mobile devices.

This week Samsung Electronics announced chips V-NAND density 1 Tbit that will appear in the finished product next year. 16 packaging of such chips in a single package, the manufacturer is planning to release a flash memory V-NAND flash memory of 2 TB, committing «one of the most important achievements in this field over the last decade».

For the first time about flash memory V-NAND density like Samsung said back in 2013, and now the company almost realized his plan. New flash memory needs to meet the growing market demand in light of the emergence of new solutions in the segment of Internet of things and artificial intelligence technologies. According to representatives of Samsung, fast flash memory plays a critical role for information and analysis of data in real time.



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