Samsung intends to implement in the new year, 100 million smartphones family Galaxy J

Smartphone manufacturers often brag about any sales as a whole or the success of individual flagship models. But such devices often constitute a relatively small percentage of sales.

For example, Samsung intends to sell this year 60 million smartphones Galaxy S8. But the company for the entire year sells about 350 million devices. And let part of them will be the new model Note and Galaxy S7, but the bulk of sales — mainstream and low-cost devices.

The source gives quite sparse data. According to the information provided, the new year, Samsung plans to sell about 20 million smartphones family Galaxy A and 100 million members of the family And let the Galaxy J. this is only a forecast, the data on sales of cheap models often simply do not have. Yes, it forecast sales of the entire series, but it’s still very revealing. Roughly speaking, the Galaxy J smartphone for the year will be sold about the same as Galaxy Note8 and S8 combined. That is the best-selling Samsung smartphones, if to speak about the family as a whole. It immediately becomes clear why Samsung last year took seriously to improve models of Galaxy A and Galaxy J, and continues to do in the new year.



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