Samsung increasing production of the fastest DRAM memory chips HBM2 8 GB

Samsung Electronics announced an increase in the volume of production of memory chips HBM2 (High Bandwidth Memory-2) 8 GB. According to the manufacturer, it strives to meet the growing demand in this memory «in a wide variety of applications», including the means of artificial intelligence, supercomputing, graphics solutions, network systems and the corporate servers.

Chip HBM2 8 GB, manufactured by Samsung, exhibit high performance, reliability and energy efficiency. This chip consists of eight crystals and the lower buffer crystal. Each crystal memory has more than 5 000 contacts TSV for interlayer connection, that is, in a single chip HBM2 Samsung 8 GB there are more than 40,000 compounds. This allows to obtain more throughput and reliability, because the data is automatically routed to other connections if the identified transmission delay. HBM2 bandwidth is 256 GB/s. For comparison, the GDDR5 chip is characterized by a bandwidth of 32 GB/s. the Manufacturer also notes the presence of protection against overheating.

At Samsung expect that in the first half of next year chip HBM2 8 GB will be more than half of all HBM2 chips produced at its facilities.

Source: Samsung Electronics



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