Samsung has unveiled a voice assistant Bixby, who first appear in the Samsung Galaxy S8

After numerous leaks and confirmation of the existence of the voice assistant Bixby his announcement was only a matter of time. Today Samsung has confirmed a new personal assistant Bixby debut in the Samsung Galaxy S8.

As planned by Samsung, Bixby needs to compete with Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. However, developers say that Bixby is not just a system that can answer a number of questions and perform various tasks, it is a complete voice interface to manage all applications. Bixby combines the technologies of artificial intelligence and deep learning. Samsung claims that Bixby will offer new user experiences, which will differ from what is available in this segment of the market.

«It does not users should adapt to what the voice assistant. This computer system must learn and adapt to our needs, — says senior Vice President of Samsung Injong Ri (InJong Rhee). — The interface must be simple and intuitive, so the learning process was as fast as possible, regardless of the number of new functions.»

We’ve used that voice assistants are severely limited, but Bixby will allow voice to do all the things that you can do with your finger using the touch display. The new helper will know what is the status of the application and the context in which a particular team to respond to the request as accurately as possible. In addition, you can at any time to combine voice commands and touch controls to bring the request to the end.

Finally, Samsung claims that Bixby will be able to recognize partial commands or phrases, including unusual words. This should make the process of controlling the smartphone through Bixby is really a more natural and intuitive.

Samsung did not elaborate on the basis of what technology was created Bixby. All details will be made public simultaneously with the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S8, which is scheduled for March 29.



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