Samsung has talked about dual-camera for its new smartphones

The company Samsung has published on the official website information about the dual camera, which will appear in future smartphones. One of them should be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

New dual camera Samsung will be equipped with fast automatic focusing and high-quality image stabilization system. It will allow to make high-quality images in low light conditions.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 night mode can get the name of Super Night Shot. In addition, the dual cameras let you take pictures in HDR mode with minimal delay.

One of the most popular usage scenarios of the second module of a dual camera is background blur for portrait photos. The new camera will allow you to change the focus point after the photo was taken. We saw this in Huawei P9, which appeared on the market almost a year and a half ago.

Smart approach will provide a three times optical zoom without loss of quality or detail and color degradation. Also the site says about the effects of the background and perspectives that will allow you to add additional pictures to the augmented reality effects.

This camera should also appear in Galaxy Galaxy C7 and C10 (2017).



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