Samsung has removed the reference to flash memory UFS 2.1 describes the Galaxy S8

Last month it became known that in different instances of the smartphone Huawei P10 can meet different flash memory: 2.1 UFS, UFS 2.0, and even significantly slower eMMC 5.1. Huawei commented, noting that versions of the smartphone, which in real conditions are slower than others, does not exist.

It turned out that Samsung goes about the same way. In flagship smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8+ was originally declared only memory UFS 2.1, but in practice it turned out that some smartphones use UFS 2.0.

In the end, Samsung quietly removed the paragraph indicating the specs of the flash memory from the list of parameters of the new flagships on the official website. In fact the difference between memory UFS UFS 2.0 and 2.1 is not very significant, but technically it was a lie from Samsung.



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