Samsung has published a promotional video of Galaxy Note8, indicating the shortcomings of the iPhone

Samsung after the release of the iPhone X has published a new promotional video Galaxy Note8 showing the normal user, become a fan of Samsung after long years of using Apple smartphones.

The video shows various limitations, which had at different times to deal with iPhone. In particular, referred to the lack of space to store photos, no stylus support, the lack of water resistance and wireless charging to the latest generations, the elimination of the 3.5 mm Jack.

In the last seconds of the main character, bought Samsung Galaxy Note8, walks past the queue that lined up for the new iPhone X. In the queue noticed an interesting character with hair, with which Samsung has made an attack on the Apple on the smartphone screen at the top.

Recall, Apple has warned that the smartphone display X iPhone can «burn out», and Tim cook said that literally everyone can afford this smartphone.



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