Samsung has patented the smart ring is able to receive calls

Periodically, the Network gets information about a particular new patent of a company. Not always these documents foreshadow the appearance of the corresponding devices, but they are still interesting to look at, to understand what actually work for the company.

For example, became aware of the Samsung patent that describes a wearable electronic device in the form of a ring. This is not the first such device, although it is impossible to say that at least one of the mass-produced caught in the market.

The patent only shows the alleged appearance of the device, so to talk about its capabilities difficult. But it is possible to note the presence of the volume buttons, the buttons answer the call and, presumably, slot for memory card. There is also a heart rate sensor, but it can be assumed, and other sensors.

Thus, the ring lets you take calls without using your smartphone and acts as a tracker. The application was filed at the end of last year. It’s safe to say that this device will appear on the market, but not the fact that in such form and with such functionality.



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