Samsung has patented a cover for smartphone equipped with a screen E Ink

The Apple company stands out among competitors because to its smartphones, there are a huge number of different accessories. For the flagship models of Samsung such much less, although the last time the company pays more attention to a variety of cases.

The patent that appeared on the Internet, shows another possible variant of the case, and very original.

The Korean giant has patented a cover for smartphone equipped with a small E Ink screen that can be used to display alerts, labels or other useful information. Interestingly, this display is not on the external lid and the internal part of case.

This is probably done in order to protect an additional screen because the displays E Ink is very fragile. However, it is unclear whether folds the second panel, which is the screen. If not, it turns out that part of the smartphone display all the time closed the case. Anyway, while this is only a patent and if Samsung will eventually release a similar case, it can be implemented somewhat differently.



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