Samsung has accidentally confirmed the ability of the voice assistant Bixby to work with Samsung Pay

In November, Samsung revealed details about its own voice assistant Bixby, which, however, is the development of Viv Labs, acquired by the Korean giant.

Later we learned that the voice assistant Samsung may appear in two variants: for men and women. In addition, he will be able to work with the payment service, Samsung Pay.

Almost all in some way confirms the payment service’s website. At the moment, the corresponding page is fixed, but skrishna below you can see how it looked like yesterday.

In select a present service Samsung Pay Mini, voice assistant Bixby. In a single version, so the name Kestra is likely to remain unclaimed. Thus, AI will have the opportunity to work with a payment service Samsung. At the time, Viv Labs demonstrated how it is possible to quickly send payments through its creation, so it is no surprise that this functionality will eventually appear in Bixby.

Most likely, Bixby will debut simultaneously with the Galaxy S8, but the service Samsung Pay Mini will not necessarily be tied to the release of the new flagship of the company.



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