Samsung granted a patent for a smart wristband with a detachable flexible screen

With the production of electronic components, including displays, and a large experience in this respect, Samsung has a possibility to develop electronic devices based not only on the imagination of developers, but also on present and future production possibilities. Some time ago the U.S. patent and trademark office has granted Samsung a patent for a wearable device next-generation, made in the form of a bracelet. More specifically, it is a bracelet with a flexible removable module, which is the flexible screen may touch.

An interesting feature of the display is the possibility of fastening to a bracelet, only one end, whereas the remaining part remains flat, more convenient in certain cases.

Patented design includes elements for fastening to the bracelet, flexibility and shape retention. The intent of the inventors, the element responsible for the variable curvature of the display can be used electroactive polymer or alloy with a memory effect or mechanical drive, or electric drive. For holding a predetermined curvature can answer electrorheological fluid or magnetorheological fluid («smart» substances, whose viscosity varies with the applied electric or magnetic field). The material and shape of the bracelet chosen based on safety requirements, wearing comfort in the hand, durability and aesthetics. In particular, the bracelet can be made of metal or plastic. The screen can be attached to the bracelet by means of mechanical hooks or magnets. The screen can be given a horizontal or vertical orientation, depending on the output of images. Thus it can be bent in either of two directions.

It remains to add that the application was filed in August of 2015. When patented solutions can be seen in serial devices is still unknown.



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