Samsung Galaxy S9 may get neural processor

A single-chip system Kirin 970 got a neural processor (Neural Processing Unit), which helps the system to run artificial intelligence (AI). A similar unit is in the new Soc Apple A11 Bionic. In the new Google Pixel 2 Pixel Visual kernel Core, which is designed to improve the performance of the camera.

According to rumors, Samsung is also working on neural processor that will appear in the new single-chip system Exynos family. In 2016, the South Korean company invested $ 30 million in the British startup Graphcore, which deals with developments in the field of AI. In addition, Samsung has invested heavily in Chinese Tech startup DeePhi that specializiruetsya on the technology of deep learning.

Sources believe that Samsung is going to use groundwork DeePhi Tech when you create a neural processor that will be responsible for the speech recognition processing by means of neural networks and other tasks.

Such a decision may debut as early as the Samsung Galaxy S9 will present in the beginning of next year.



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