Samsung Galaxy S9 can get SoC, which will be made by Samsung according to the norms of 7 nm

2017 just started, but that’s not stopping analysts from having to make far-reaching forecasts. Korean edition of ZDNet says that Samsung plans to start production of a new single-chip systems with the use of 7-nanometer technological process in the beginning of 2018.

According to Dr. cook HEO (Heo Kuk), head of the semiconductor division of Samsung, the company plans to become a leader in the industry. To this end, it plans to use the new equipment and advanced technologies that ensure its solutions no less competitive, than in the production of single-chip systems according to the norms of 14 and 10 nm.

The new single-chip systems in the beginning of next year means that they should be used in the next flagship smartphone of the company, which will presumably be called Samsung Galaxy S9. Well, while we wait for the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S8, which used SoC Snapdragon 835 manufactured by Samsung according to the norms of 10 nm. Rumored to be originally usedonthe majority of Snapdragon 835 will be supplied for the needs of Samsung, so many manufacturers decided to use their smartphone Snapdragon 821.

Dr. cook added that Samsung plans to expand the portfolio of its 14-nanometer solutions, for which demand needs to grow. Speech, in particular, the automotive industry.



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