Samsung Galaxy S8 withstood the bend test

Blogger jerryrigeverything once known for its abuse of smartphones, got a Samsung Galaxy S8. The device was subjected to a standard set of tests. You can see in the video below.

The display is protected by glass, which can scratch a material with a hardness at least 6 on the Mohs scale. This is a typical result typical of almost all the flagship smartphones. The glass covering the back side of the device and a camera, with a utility knife to scratch will not work.

The test of heating a smartphone stand, like almost any other flagship on the market. It is interesting to look at how the painted glass on the back side. Paint is applied from the inside. If it is erase, it is easy to do the same with a utility knife, the glass will become transparent.

But what is important is that the smartphone does not bend. That is, the strength and the metal frame and the two glass panels is quite high.



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