Samsung Galaxy S8+ with SoC Exynos 8895 turned out to be more productive colleague with the platform Qualcomm

Yesterday, we learned that the autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with SoC Exynos 8895 significantly better than the version with Snapdragon SoC 835. Today, the network appeared the other tests, which compared two versions of the new flagship of the Korean company.

In this case, comparing the Galaxy S8+, but that doesn’t matter because the hardware they differ from the smaller models only diagonal screens and battery capacity.

So, the test results can be seen in the charts below.

As you can see, almost in all tests the version platform Samsung is faster, sometimes significantly faster. Importantly, the advantage is, even in the GPU tests, but before that is smaller in comparison with the performance of the Adreno GPU Mali was often a cause of reproach towards the version with Exynos SoC.

Recall that SoC Snapdragon GPU Adreno contains 835 540, a SoC Exynos 8895 received G71 GPU Mali MP20.

Despite the difference in performance, you need to understand that in absolute terms the capabilities of both platforms will suffice for any task more than one year.



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