Samsung Galaxy S8 will be possible to return to the store within three months, after receiving the full payment

Several sources have published very interesting information about the high-profile marketing move, which intends to make the South Korean manufacturer with its flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8.

We are talking about the possibility to return the smartphone to the store within three months after purchase and get your money back. Sources say that users will not have to come up with a reason to return. Also shops should not be to find fault with minor scuffs that have arisen in the process of operation.

If you believe knowledgeable informants, so Samsung intends to demonstrate its confidence in the quality of the Samsung Galaxy S8 after the failure of Galaxy Note7.

Another reason is that virtual assistant Bixby for the first few weeks will have limited functionality and will be expanded in the future.

Recall that in the future voice assistant Bixby will allow you to control all appliances of Samsung.

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