Samsung Galaxy S8+ iFixit have earned only four points for maintainability

Specialists iFixit got to the Samsung Galaxy S8+ to analyze and assess the reparability of the product.

Disassembly of the smartphone begins with the dismantling of the glass panel covering the back. To make it not too complicated, the name of the required tools and skill.

After that, you need to remove the NFC antenna and wireless charging.

The battery glued to the case, so to get him hard. The capacity element is of 13.48 W·h

On the motherboard located the following elements: chip RAM Samsung K3UH5H50MM-NGCJ, combined with Snapdragon SoC 835, chip flash memory Toshiba THGAF4G9N4LBAIR, audio codec Qualcomm Aqstic WCD9341, Wi-Fi module Murata KM7118064, the NFC controller NXP 80T71 and so on.

For an additional fee located USB type-C port and a headphone.

Inside the product there was a place to heat up.

The separation of the screen module from the metal chassis, too, is not simple but feasible procedure. Unfortunately, the sensor used for the Home button, devoid of any markings.

In the end, the new Samsung earned a repairability score of four out of ten, that is hardly surprising given the design. Pros the smartphone recorded the modularity for many components, a cons is ranked as the presence of glue, the complexity of the disassembly of the glass panels and the difficulty of disassembly of the screen due to its curved shape.



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