Samsung Galaxy S8 can get a separate button for the artificial intelligence system

Continue to receive new information about the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8, which should make the public forget the unpleasant history with the Galaxy Note7.

Sources from the supply chain refuted the information that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will get a display resolution of 4K. The informant claims that the resolution will remain 2K, however, the manufacturer may begin using the new materials.

In addition, again, it is confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not receive a physical Home button. The fact is that until now, no provider has received the order for this component. So Samsung Galaxy S8 can really get an optical fingerprint sensor and display on the entire front panel.

Another portion of new information for the artificial intelligence system, which will debut in the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be used in a variety of devices. According to the source, Samsung is making a big bet on a new service, which even has a separate button on the side of Samsung Galaxy S8.

The announcement of the device is expected at the Mobile World Congress event in 2017, which will begin in late February.



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