Samsung Galaxy S8 can get a feature similar to Windows Continuum

Smartphone manufacturers quite a long time trying to turn them not only into a universal mobile device, but in the devices that could replace even a home PC. The first attempt made by Motorola, but it was ahead of its time and the idea has taken root.

More modern features of Windows 10 Mobile called Continuum, but what happened with this OS, we know, although it can settle down in the corporate segment.

According to new data, a similar decision I will try to implement Samsung. The photo below captures the slide, supposedly referring to the future presentation of the smartphone Galaxy S8.

Judging by the picture, when you connect your smartphone to the monitor, the screen will display a specially adapted version of Android that resemble familiar Windows support mnogokanalnosti and other things. In this adaptation there is nothing new enough to remember the popular project Remix OS. But Samsung will no doubt have their own version.

What are its capabilities and how convenient it is to use, is still only a guess. Actually, even the image may not have any relation to the new Samsung. But for the Korean giant to give its new flagship this functionality it would be wise and profitable, as the Galaxy S8 is the most important model for the manufacturer in recent years.



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