Samsung Galaxy S8 can get a compartment for the S Pen

Manufacturers of smartphone accessories (primarily bags) have become the sources of leaks about the appearance of the expected models. This time in focus in the Samsung Galaxy S8, which last year predicted support for electronic Pen S Pen and the possibility of its purchase as an accessory. But recent data suggests that in the case of the Galaxy S8 will be a special compartment for pen in the line Note.

The shape and location of the holes in the covers (supposedly for Galaxy S8) give a reason to say so: on the lower end of the housing except for the USB Type-C and the microphone will be located another very large item, and it will be shifted to the edge of the case is a logical location for the pen compartment.

The question remains, why is Samsung so mix together exclusive features two non-overlapping product lines. On the one hand, after a failed Note 7 the manufacturer can use the pen as a way to maintain interest in the new model, even if the other line. On the other hand, smartphone, Note 8 is also rumored to see the light, so that such «cannibalization» can have a negative impact on the perception of users of both smartphones.



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