Samsung Galaxy S8 can be much more expensive than its predecessor

Rumors indicate that the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be much more expensive than its predecessor. Goldman Sachs analysts believe that the new flagship will be 15-20% more expensive than the Galaxy S7. That is, the smartphone will be priced at about 900 dollars.

Analysts stipulate that the pricing of many innovations that will be the new flagship of Samsung. That is, the cost of the device will be much higher, and this will lead to increased prices on the shelves.

It is also said that the smartphone will be available in April, and the results of the investigation of issues with Galaxy Note7 will be published early next year, not this year.

Of course, for Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the most important in recent years. It is quite possible that the device will really give a lot of new features and technologies. But exactly the same rumors about a significant increase in value you could hear about the new Apple smartphones. In the end only the iPhone 7 Plus is expensive, but only $20.



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