Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was the most safe in terms of radiation among popular smartphones

SAR (Specific Absorption Rates) is the specific absorption rate, which shows the radiation level smartphone. In fact, it is one of the main indicators of the value of the harmful effects of mobile devices on the man who silenced the part of the manufacturer.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has already received the award for «Smartphone of 2016″ by Mobile Choice, as we reported in October. French edition PhonAndroid made another ranking by measuring the SAR of the most sold smartphones this year, including the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The leader of the ranking with minimal measure 0,264 W/kg was the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Second place went to Asus ZenFone 3, with the result 0,278 W/kg. the Third and fourth places were taken by Samsung Galaxy A5 and Moto Z, which demonstrated the SAR at the level of 0.29 W/kg 0,304 W/kg, respectively.

The level of radiation the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus exceed (in a negative way) the leader of about five times — they amounted to SAR 1.38 W/kg and 1.24 W/kg respectively. A slightly worse performance (1.5 W/kg and 1.43 W/kg) were noted, respectively, Huawei Honor and Huawei 8 P9.

Federal communications Commission United States (Federal Communications Commission, FCC) gives the nod to the release device, SAR not exceeding 1.6 W/kg.



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