Samsung Galaxy S7 caught fire when using in the car via Bluetooth

27-year-old Shanik lamb (Lamb Shaunique) of Virginia told reporters about how the Samsung Galaxy S7 is on, while in the Cup holder of her car when she was driving.

The girl says that at this point, the mobile was not charging, but it was connected via Bluetooth to the entertainment system of the vehicle, on which he broadcast music.

When Shanik went to the store where she bought the mobile, the insurance company stated that the replacement cost of the smartphone will be $ 200. Representatives of the store added that it’s the standard fee for the replacement of the phone, damage which is not covered by the warranty.

Samsung representatives said that the United States sold more than 10 million smartphones the Samsung Galaxy S7, noting that the company communicates with Shanik lamb, hoping to get a smartphone and find out what caused the fire.

And another news related to Samsung Galaxy S7: in the US at the moment, the price of the smartphone is reduced by $250 to $300. The offer is valid only in stores Sprint.



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