Samsung Galaxy Note8 became the first smartphone that received 100 points in the DxOMark fototeca

Less than two weeks from the time the iPhone 8 Plus scored in testing DxOMark impressive 94 points, taking the leading position in the ranking of the new camera, as the smartphone had to move on the throne.

The new smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note8 received the same total score in the course of the fresh test, however, if we consider separately the photos and video capabilities, we have a new best camera phone of all time.

When testing photography iPhone 8 Plus was estimated at 96 points, and Samsung Galaxy Note8 became the first smartphone that managed to score 100 points in ranking DxOMark. Experts praised dual-camera which works perfectly with with poor lighting in many different scenarios, in particular during a portrait pictures with blur background and zoom in, generating less noise than the iPhone 8 Plus. And Samsung Galaxy Note8 turned out to be excellent not only optical but digital zoom.

But when shooting video Samsung Galaxy Note8 scored 84 points against the 89 points the iPhone 8 Plus. That is, if you choose the best smartphone for the creation of Amateur videos, then in this case the leader is the flagship of Apple.

Perhaps very soon, Samsung Galaxy Note8 and the iPhone 8 Plus will have to skip ahead beginners in the face of a Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, which will be announced today. Last year, the original Google Pixel ahead of all flagships of 2016. Let’s see how will reveal itself successors.

R. S. Editors DxOMark have already noted that 100 points in their test are not the limit. DxOMark scale has no upper bound.



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