Samsung Galaxy Note7 used as surveillance cameras in the production of batteries for Galaxy S8

This week the company Samsung Electronics has confessed his intention of selling refurbished smartphones Galaxy Note7, which will be available with a discount up to 50% in various countries, in particular India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The Korean media journalists visited the factory for the production and testing of batteries to be used in the Samsung Galaxy S8. During one of the tests, the battery subjected to repeated charging and subsequent discharging.

Above the stand fixed security cameras that record what is happening. It is noteworthy that the quality of the cameras used Samsung Galaxy Note7. Moreover, they all charged to 100%, although Samsung has released a number of updates, limiting the ability to charge these smartphones.

Samsung representatives said that used in the production of Galaxy Note7 equipped with batteries of smaller capacity. Possible that these are restored smartphones, which was mentioned in the beginning notes.

Ironically, the smartphones that led to the largest loss in the history of mobile division of Samsung, now the safety monitor and prevent potential problems in the manufacture of new smartphones.



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