Samsung Galaxy Note7 not withdraw only in China. Announced details about an exchange program for Americans

In early August, the company Samsung introduced a new smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note7, which set several records for pre-orders and quickly became so popular that the company was forced to postpone the start of sales in different countries of the world.

This week it became known that Samsung initially stopped supplying Galaxy Note7 South Korean operators, and then announced the start revocable campaign because of the risk of ignition of the battery, although the defect rate is about 24 million smartphone devices, if you believe Samsung. The day the market value of Samsung fell by $ 7 billion.

The only country in which sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 started on 26 August and will not stop is China. Company have issued statements, in which she asks the Chinese buyers do not have to worry about possible problems with the Samsung Galaxy Note7. The fact that smartphones sold in the country use the batteries from another supplier, in which this problem is absent. At the moment it is unclear in what other countries will initially do the Samsung Galaxy Note7 with normal batteries.

In addition, the company announced details about how there will be a replacement program for Samsung Galaxy Note7 in the United States. Owners of the new smartphone offers a choice of two options: to change a new smartphone next week, or change the Samsung Galaxy Note7 on or Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 edge. The difference in price of smartphones will be offset also provides a refund for any purchased accessories for Galaxy Note7.

In both cases, all the owners of Galaxy Note7 get a gift card for $ 25.



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