Samsung Galaxy Note7 lit up in the hands of a six year old boy

Another story burning Samsung Galaxy Note7 occurred on Saturday in Brooklyn, new York. It tells the grandmother who was Babysitting his six-year-old grandson, the smartphone suddenly exploded in the hands of a child.

«The child was just watching cartoons on the smartphone when its battery exploded,» said Linda Lewis (Linda Lewis). — Explosion led to the triggering of a fire alarm system in the house.»

The child was taken to hospital, but burns were minor, so the boy is allowed to go home. The grandmother of the child said that he is constantly crying and afraid to even look at smartphones.

The boy’s parents confirmed that they discuss the incident with representatives from Samsung, but from the further comments have refrained.

Last week Samsung Galaxy Note7 fire led to the destruction of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, but not only, the manufacturer recently «marked».

About why we should get used to the burning and exploding smartphones, read in our blogs.



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