Samsung Galaxy Note7 iFixit have earned more points than the Galaxy S7

Specialists iFixit got to the Samsung Galaxy Note7. Given the fact that the devices Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge earned for maintainability just three points, expect high results of the new flagship is not worth it.

And so it happened. Looking ahead, Note7 got four points, that does not change the picture. The disassembly process is captured on video.

Most of the components used are identical to those of the current flagship family of Galaxy S. On the circuit Board located dual-chip SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and memory Samsung K3RG2G20CMMGCJ flash memory Samsung KLUCG4J1CB-B0B1 module Avago AFEM-9040, audio codec Qualcomm WCD9335, the controller Wacom W9018 and other components.

Found inside the product and place for the thin heat pipe.
In the end, the pros of the smartphone recorded the modularity and superior cable management. Controversial was also the glue that holds the battery. Took off points for glass on both sides, and also for the fact that the glass is curved, which complicates the disassembly process.



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