Samsung Galaxy Note7: how to distinguish potentially dangerous smartphones from devices of the new parties

Recall, Samsung is currently conducting a campaign to recall 2.5 million smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note7, batteries which can overheat that leads to fire and/or explosion of the device.

Some users have already had the opportunity to exchange your Samsung Galaxy Note7 from the launch party for the new smartphones, which will also soon appear in various countries around the world.

In a Network there was a simple statement that allows you to distinguish potentially dangerous from smartphones new devices, features tested batteries from a reliable supplier.

Just look at the battery icon which should be green in the Infobar at the top of the screen (Status Bar), Always on Display and when the device is disconnected. If the icon is not green, the smartphone is subject to a revocable campaign.

In addition, the serial number sticker on the box with a new Samsung Galaxy Note7 has a small black square.

According to various sources, failure Samsung Galaxy Note7 led the rush, the fatigue of employees and the desire of Samsung to get around the Apple.

The resumption of sales of Samsung Galaxy Note7 scheduled for September 28.



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