Samsung Galaxy Note FE sold well enough, but the company is not going to increase production

A week ago Samsung announced the smartphone Galaxy Note Fan Edition (Note FE), which is a reincarnation of the model Note7 with a reduced battery.

Then it was reported about the cost of 610$, a limited batch of 400 000 copies and sales only in South Korea, and they only started on 7 July.

After just four days, various sources began to say that this batch of smartphones will be sold before the end of this month, as the first few days of sales showed a great demand for the device. Accurate data, unfortunately, are not given, but in some large chain stores, for example, already sold out all the modifications in the colors of Blue Onyx and Blue Coral.

It is believed that FE Note will still appear outside of South Korea at the end of the current month, but official data on this issue no. In addition, Samsung has allegedly confirmed that it intends to increase the production of this model. This is logical, given that in August or September should appear Note8.



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