Samsung Galaxy J7 made by improvements in almost all models the Galaxy J7

Samsung has managed to upgrade the Galaxy J7. The new device is capacious battery, which, in conjunction with the Super AMOLED screen and 16-nanometer mainstream platform allows the device to work for a really long time.

But the Korean giant has decided that a good smartphone is not enough, and prepared a model of the Galaxy J7 Prime. From the already sold unit novelty is the first screen resolution, which is increased to Full HD. Second, the amount of RAM increased to 3 GB and flash memory is 32GB. Also up to 8 MP increased the resolution of the front camera. And the sources say about keeping the front flashes, but the photo for some reason it is not visible.

Also not visible in the photo that the mechanical button under the screen now has a built-in fingerprint reader, and rear cover, apparently, made of metal, although this is yet to be known.

Other characteristics, including battery capacity, remained unchanged. Of course, the Prime version will run from a full charge a little less, but the improvement offers quite tangible.



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