Samsung Exynos SOC T200 i is designed for the IoT

Samsung Electronics announced the development of a single-chip system Exynos T200 i is designed for devices of the Internet of things (IoT). The advantages of the new items manufacturer considers superior means of information protection.

In Exynos i T200 integrated dual core ARM (Cortex-R4 and Cortex-M0+). Allegedly, distributing different tasks between cores, it is possible to increase the energy efficiency of the system. For example, the Cortex-M0+ can take on the tasks of I / o, eliminating the need for additional MCU. Nece cores operate at a frequency of 320 MHz.

The Exynos T200 i configuration includes the modem, radio frequency transceivers, power amplifier, low noise amplifier and antenna switch — allows you to shorten the list of system components, designed to work in wireless networks Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n.

In the SoC is also integrated 1.4 MB SRAM.

By the way, as for the embedded memory, the South Korean manufacturer has told about the plans to integrate in future SoC memory type MRAM. This memory is non-volatile, and on speed it is comparable to DRAM. Professionals Samsung has already created a prototype of a SoC with built-in memory MRAM.

Sources: Samsung, CDR info



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