Samsung Electronics is credited with the intention to share the development and production of chips

Samsung Electronics company, designs and manufactures complex integrated circuits, including system on a chip for mobile devices and flash memory with a volume layout is going to share the development and production of these products. Allegedly, this will allow us to maintain a high pace of development of new technologies and to improve the efficiency of investment in the development, ensuring planned development.

The development of South Korean chip manufacturer believes that one of the priority directions of development, focusing on components for smart homes and driverless cars. One of the consequences of separation will be more efficient organizational structure. Now the head of the production unit also manages the division, which is developing the chip. This unit brings together specialists from four directions, including the development of SoC for mobile devices and BIS for displays and cameras. These teams will form the core of the future enterprise specialized in designing circuits. According to industry representatives, the reorganization will be announced before the end of this year.

Source: Business Korea



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