Samsung Electronics has sold all owned shares of Seagate and Rambus, and half of the stock ASML

Earlier it became known that Samsung Electronics has sold all the shares to Sharp

Samsung Electronics announced the sale, she owned shares in four other companies. More specifically, sold half of the shares of ASML and all shares of Seagate, Rambus and Sharp. In total, this brought the company about a billion dollars. Funds will be used for the development of core activities.

When it was sold stock is unknown, but information about the sale of the stake in Sharp appeared at the end of this week.

According to the source, half of the shares in ASML, which belonged to Samsung, worth 676 million dollars. Shares in Rambus, Seagate and Fujitsu are estimated at 456 million dollars. The company had a 4.2% stake in Seagate, a 0.7% stake in Sharp and a 4.5% stake in Rambus. The South Korean manufacturer has assured that the sale of shares will not affect the cooperation with these companies.

Source: Reuters



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