Samsung Electronics became the largest supplier of SSDS for data centers

Samsung Electronics has shared achievement: according to analysts, it has become the largest supplier of SSDS in the corporate segment used in the data center.

So, IDC publishes a quarterly status report on the SSD market, came to the conclusion that Samsung has taken a leadership position in the first quarter of this year. The share of South Korean manufacturer amounted to 32.4%, while the closest competitor is only 16.9 percent of the market. The jerk managed to make three months since the fourth quarter of 2015, Samsung and its competitor held approximately 22%. By the end of 2015, Samsung owned 20.6% of the market.

The success of Samsung misleading and Forward Insights analysts who evaluate the share of South Korean giant in the first quarter to 34%. The second proportion of the market participant, according to their calculations, is 19%. Forward Insights is the experts claim that in the fourth quarter of 2015, Samsung took the second place with 25% of the market.

Even more convinced about Samsung’s lead experts of the company TrendFocus believes that Samsung in the first quarter took 45% of the enterprise SSD market. In the fourth quarter of 2015, the share of Samsung, according to estimates by TrendFocus, was equal to 26%.

Currently, the range includes Samsung 18 SSD families corporate segment, which unite more than 100 positions.

Source: Samsung Electronics



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